What We Do

We select the best teams of lawyers, professionals and business people by not just focusing on technical skill but personalities to create powerful synergies. We help companies and individuals set up and trade within the UK and facilitate business internationally.


We hire suitable lawyers for our clients and introduce businesses to each other to create outstanding synergies

Cost Management

We help negotiate retainers and fix fees wherever possible

Performance Management

We hire and fire professionally

Visa and Regulatory Requirements

We advise on setting up
in the UK

Hiring Lawyers and Professionals

  • We understand your specific requirements and then go into the market and select the best suited lawyers and other professionals.
  • We are not restricted to any particular firm. Most lawyers will naturally refer a client to their colleagues at their firm and not to a competitor.
  • We have taken advantage of this, having spotted a gap in the market and we cherry pick the best advisers across all firms and the bar (barristers chambers).
  • Lawyers in the UK are either solicitors operating through firms or barristers known as counsel operating through Chambers, and we access talent across both, and have no restrictions whatsoever.
  • A client may require a corporate lawyer, a tax expert (lawyer or accountant), an intellectual property lawyer, an employment lawyer and we ensure that we select the best advisers according to the client’s precise requirements, whilst focusing on true value add.

Setting Up In The UK

  • We are able to deal with all regulatory aspects, including setting up and registering companies and London offices
  • Immigration and visa advice and assistance
  • Nominating and engaging accountants, selecting and negotiating premises, sourcing and recruiting key staff and personnel (talent acquisition)
  • Undertaking due diligence and competitor analysis, creating business plans and securing finance and lending, setting up cloud and telecommunications, web services to ensure that offices are set up and running quickly with minimal inconvenience and disruption as most international clientele require to hit the ground running

Expanding Your Business

  • We help overseas businesses do business in the UK and internationally and those requiring an international presence by having a London offering.
  • We select appropriate business partners and create strategic alliances.
  • We assist our clients pitch for work and connect them with sellers and buyers, product place, for example assist sellers introduce products into retailers, provide intellectual property, copyright and patent advice, strategic tax advice, advice on contracts, including direct service agreements, shareholder agreements, joint venture agreements, offshore services, appointing sales agents, drafting distribution and agency agreements and outsourcing to sharpen competitive edge.
  • We facilitate business by relying upon our extensive international network of corporates, entrepreneurs and professionals by creating the best pairings globally.

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