The Legal Concierge

The Legal Concierge is the brainchild of the founder, an experienced and entrepreneurial lawyer skilful and passionate about creating formidable alliances.

The idea arose from clients overseas not being familiar with the London Legal market and routinely asking for his help and recommendations to engage lawyers and other professionals in London, not having local experience of the UK market nor the time or desire to waste time trying and testing.

The Legal Concierge acts as an entrusted advisor (with strict confidentiality obligations) to overseas business communities and lawyers wishing to set up in, trade with or have a satellite office to expand into the UK. The UK may have left the EU although it remains outward looking and open for international business.


We hire the most suitable lawyers and professionals for our clients and introduce businesses to create outstanding synergies

Cost Management

We negotiate retainers and we fixed fees wherever possible

Performance Management

We set exacting criteria and assess and performance manage


We are best placed to select a professional and rely not only on excellent technical ability but personality and synergy in ensuring commitment to a long-standing mutually beneficial relationship – Principle One

Our clients recognise that not only engaging the wrong lawyer but time spent switching layers and other professionals is extremely prejudicial to their business interests and therefore time invested at the start reaps rewards – Principle Two

Cost Management

We act as your entrusted in-house yet external lawyers and streamline, strategise and negotiate all retainers and costs and oversee and manage this process to ensure your actual aims and objectives are best defined and delivered on time. Our costs of helping you are normally met by the cost savings we are able to negotiate with fellow lawyers we engage on your behalf – Principle Three

Performance Management

We strategise at the outset, creatively consider all the options, select the best option for you objectively and ensure we achieve the desired outcome as quickly and cost effectively as possible.  We manage the case or project from cradle to grave – Principle Four

Do What You Do Best

A Stitch In Time Saves 9


Two Minds Are Better Than One

The true cost of engaging lawyers is your opportunity cost

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